Best japanese sex games and cartoons

Today, any teenager knows what hentai is. Japanese visual products (manga, anime, sex games) with erotic content have become popular all over the world. Fans of anime, fans of manga and fans of dating simulators have become the main audience of the genre out of a desire to get the sensations they lack in the real world. Let’s find out more about why the best japanese sex games and cartoons have become so popular outside of Japan. 

Hentai: the concept, types 

The term hentai in Japanese consists of two characters, which literally mean strange behavior. At the end of the 19th century, after translating a book by the German psychiatrist Richard Kraft-Ebing on sexual deviations, the word entered Japanese with the original meaning of sexual perversion. In 1909, thanks to the erotic novel Vita Sexualis by the famous Japanese writer Mori Ogai, the word spread beyond the medical sphere. A variety of popular magazines printed advice on sexual behavior, in which any perverted sexual act was referred to by the term hentai seiyoku. 

After World War II, the interpretation of hentai expanded. In the 1950s and 1960s it expanded to include themes of fetish, same-sex love, and sadomasochism. Interestingly, the expansion of hentai themes is attributed to the fact that there were more women among the authors who wrote about sex for popular magazines. In the West, the term hentai became popular among fans of Japanese manga and anime. Thanks to the Internet, an entire anime-hentai production industry has formed, aimed at an adult audience. 

Types of hentai

Among the varieties of hentai there are two groups: 

  • Genres depicting the relationships of different gender and age groups. 
  • Fetishistic and paraphilic (obtaining sexual pleasure in an unusual way, without genital stimulation or foreplay). 

In Japanese culture sex is not a taboo subject. The Japanese believe that eroticism is a part of art that can form normal healthy relationships between people. Therefore, sexual information is available to children from an early age, and the penetration of erotica into animation genres seemed quite natural. 

Today, hentai is still released for distribution on digital media, available through the Internet and special mobile applications. Fans of watching the anime hentai genre create their own versions based on famous stories. There are also many sex games that work on the basis of regular hentai plots and allow the player to experience a different experience.